Cofresh Sev Mamra

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Cofresh Sev Mamra

Cofresh Sev Mamra is a popular snack mix offered by Cofresh, a well-known brand specializing in Indian and ethnic snacks. Sev Mamra is a traditional Indian snack that is particularly popular in the western state of Gujarat.

Sev Mamra typically consists of two main components: sev and mamra. Sev is a crispy and savoury fried noodle made from gram flour (besan), while mamra refers to puffed rice. The combination of sev and mamra creates a textural contrast, with the crunchy sev and the light and airy puffed rice.


Puffed Rice (61%) (Rice, Rapeseed Oil, Turmeric, Salt), Savoury Noodles 39% (Maize Flour, Gram Flour, Potato Starch, Pea Flour, Rapeseed Oil, Salt, Chilli Powder).