Gits Dal Makhani

Pack Size: 300g

Gits Dal Makhani

Are you craving to have the ‘Dhaba style’ dal makhani? Gits Dal Makhani is pre-cooked on a slow flame for 12 hours on Tandoor. It is ready-to-eat dal makhani packaged food by heating it on the stove or oven for a few minutes. 

Gits is a national brand. There are no preservatives or added colours in this product. It is 100% healthy to cook by heating it before serving with jeera rice or yellow rice. Gits Dal Makhani brings the aromatic taste with its smoky flavour. 


Kaali Dal (from the field of North India), Kidney beans (Rajma from Jammu), and Ghee (Gits Cow Ghee). Flavours include homemade paste and spices.

Suitable for Vegetarian and Vegan, No Preservatives and added MSG.

Chilli Rating: Mild