Gits Jalebi Mix

Pack Size: 100g

Gits Jalebi Dessert Mix

Gits Jalebi Mix is a pre-mixed powdered blend that is used to make jalebi, a popular sweet dessert in India. Jalebi is made with flour, gram flour with sugar syrup. It's a spiral-shaped juicy and crispy sweet.

Gits Jalebi Mix is a convenient way to make jalebi at home without having to worry about measuring ingredients or making the batter from scratch. The mix produces jalebis that are crispy, sweet, and flavorful, with the signature orange colour that is typical of jalebis.

Ready to cook Sweet pretzel dry mix. Makes approx. 25 Jalebis.


Wheat flour, Lentil flour, Hydrogenated vegetable oil, Raising agents (sodium bicarbonate, citric acid) Natural colour- E 160(B)and permitted anti-oxidant E320. Suitable for Vegetarian, No Artificial Flavours and Colours. 100% vegetarian.