Hesh Kalpi Tone Powder

Pack Size: 100g

Hesh Kalpi Tone Powder

Hesh Kalpi Tone 100 Gram 3.5 Oz- Naturoriche Herbal Hair Pack Hesh Kalpi Tone is a natural beauty therapy for hair that provides a black tint to the hair and gives it a natural, dark tone. Kalpi Tone, which is made from natural substances such as Aloe, Amla, Brahmi, Shikakai, and other herbs, helps manage dandruff, hair loss, and premature greying of hair. The mixture must be applied to the scalp, and Kalpi Tone may assist to strengthen hair roots and encourage hair growth.


Amla Fruit (10%), Maka Leaves (10%), Mandoor (10%), Japakusum Flower (9%), Narangichal (8%), Shikakai Fruit (7%), Kumari Leaves (7%), Kapoor Kachli (6%), Brahmi Leaves (5%), Methi Seed (5%), Wala (5%), Khadir Stem (3%), Chandan (2%), Neem Leaves, Sitaphal Seed Powder