Jaimin Masala Khakhra

Pack Size: 200g

Jaimin Masala Khakhra

Jaimin Masala Khakhra is a flavorful and crispy Indian snack originating from the state of Gujarat. Khakhra is a thin, roasted flatbread made from whole wheat flour, spices, and seasoning. The addition of masala (spices) gives it a delicious and aromatic taste.

Masala Khakhra is known for its bold and spicy taste. The combination of various spices gives it a flavorful kick, making it a favourite among spice lovers.

Jaimin Masala Khakhra can be enjoyed on its own as a snack or paired with chutney, pickles, or yogurt for added taste. It's a popular accompaniment to tea and coffee and is often served during breakfast or as a tea-time snack.


Wheat Flour (82%), Refined Palmolein Oil (9%), Iodized Salt, Black Pepper, Cumin Seeds, Ajwain Seeds, Turmeric Powder & Spices

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