KoLee Eggless Noodles (Vegetarian)

Pack Size: 375g

KoLee Eggless Noodles (Vegetarian)

KoLee Eggless Noodles (Vegetarian) are a type of instant noodles that are specifically designed to be suitable for vegetarians or those who avoid eggs. These noodles are made without any egg ingredients, making them a suitable choice for individuals following a vegetarian or vegan diet.

KoLee Eggless Noodles are typically quick and easy to prepare. They often come in a convenient packet that contains the noodles and a flavouring seasoning sachet. To cook the noodles, you would typically boil them in water until they reach the desired texture, then drain and mix in the flavouring seasoning to add taste.


Soft wheat Flour, Durum wheat Semolina, Salt (1.25%)