Lijjat Urid Punjabi Papad

Pack Size: 200g

Lijjat Urid Punjabi Papad

Lijjat Punjabi Papad is made from urad dal flour (split peeled Black gram), black pepper, salt, Sodium bicarbonate, Asafoetida & Edible vegetable oil and is scrumptious in taste. They are rolled paper-thin and dried out in the sun. These Papads are handcrafted and carefully packed in a hygienic environment. Papads are served as an appetizer with coriander chutney, or served as an accompaniment to biryanis, pulav and curries. It can be served as a snack or with meals too. For best results, deep fry these papads or roast them, which is known for its wide range of papads around the country.


Urid flour, Garlic, Green chilli, salt, Sodium, edible vegetable oil and other spices