MTR Uttappam Mix

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MTR Uttappam Mix

MTR Uttapam Mix, a whole some breakfast, savoury fluffy pancakes. Made with rice, black gram, maida, edible vegetable oils, rice flakes, fenugreek, raising agents and salt. Mixed with water and sour curd to make the batter, Spread on a hot tava with onion, tomatoes, chillies and cooked till done.


Rice flour(62%), Blackgram Dal, Refined WHEAT flour, Salt, Edible Vegetable at-Interesterlified(Made from any or all of the following permitted Vegetable Oils: Palmoléin Oil, Rice Bran oil, SOYabean Oil, Maize( Corn) Oil, SESAME Oil, Groundnut Oil), Fenugreek, Acidity regulator Malic acid(INS 296), Leavening agent Sodium Bicarbonate 500