Set of Four Painted Clay Diva With Wax


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Painted Clay Diva With Wax (Set of 4)

A collection of four decorative clay lamps (divas or diyas) that have been painted and come with wax inserts. Divas are traditional Indian lamps used during festivals and celebrations, particularly Diwali, the festival of lights. These clay lamps are typically handmade and painted with intricate designs or patterns.

In a set of four painted clay divas with wax, each diya is accompanied by a wax insert, which is placed inside the lamp and lit to produce a warm and flickering light. The wax inserts serve as a convenient and safe alternative to using oil or ghee (clarified butter) for lighting the divas.

These sets are popular for their decorative and festive appeal, allowing individuals to adorn their homes with beautifully painted clay lamps and create a warm and inviting ambience during special occasions.