Parle Premium Rusk

Pack Size: 600g

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Parle Premium Rusk - Real Elaichi

Parle Premium Elaichi Rusk has all the crunchy goodness and flavour, perfect for tea or coffee any time of the day. Dip the hard twice-baked bread into your favourite hot beverage and savour the crispy deliciousness. The name symbolizes quality, nutrition and superior taste. Light, crisp & delicious cake rusk with real cardamon seed from Parle.


Wheat Flour, Sugar, Edible Vegetable Oil, Yeast, Milk Solids, Salt, Butter, Wheat Gluten, [Lecithin of Soya Origin (Sodium Stearoy-2-Lactylates, Tartaric Acid Esters of Mono and Di-Glycerides, Mono & Fatty Acids) of Edible Vegetable Oils], Wheat Fibre, [Cardamom (0.08%), Antioxidant [300], Improver [1100].