Pataks Hot Lime Pickle

Pack Size: 283g

Patak's Hot Lime Pickle

Patak's Hot Lime Pickle is a popular Indian pickle known for its spicy and tangy flavour. It is made from limes that have been preserved with a blend of hot spices, oil, and other ingredients.

Patak's Hot Lime Pickle has a strong and fiery taste due to the use of hot spices. It can be enjoyed as a condiment alongside Indian meals, such as curries, rice dishes, or bread. It adds a punch of spiciness and tanginess to the overall flavour of the meal.


Limes(61%), Rapeseed oil, Salt, Ground spices (6%) [Paprika, Chilli(2%), Spices], Acid (Acetic acid), Cracked mustard seed, Cracked fenugreek seed, Mustard powder

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