Standard Diwali Kit

Pack Size: 5kg

A kit full of all the essentials you need for the festival season ahead. Please note, image is to show example only - designs and colours will vary.
1x Large Plain Clay Diva Without Wax (Four Mukhi Diva)
1x Set of Four Plain Clay Diva without wax
1x Metal Incense Stick (Aggarbatti) Stand
1 pack of Sandalwood Incense Sticks
1x Decorated Pooja Thali with 2 small pots
7x Rangoli Colours
1x Nada Chadi (not pictured)
1x Kumkum (not pictured)
1 Packet Cotton Wick for Diva
2x Camphor Blocks
1x Henna Cone
500g Tilda Long Grain Rice
100g Top Op Tumeric
100g Top Op Sopari for Pooja (Beetel nuts)
100g Top Op Sugar Candy (Sakkar) not pictured
50g Top Op Whole Cloves
50g Top Op Green Cardomom (Elaichi)
200ml Rose Water