Top-Op Black Pepper Whole


Black Pepper Whole

Top-Op Black Pepper consists of whole black peppercorns, which are the dried fruits of the Piper nigrum plant. Black pepper is one of the most commonly used spices in cooking and is known for its strong, pungent flavour and aroma. It is used to enhance the taste of various dishes and is a staple ingredient in many cuisines around the world.

Top-Op Black Pepper Whole provides you with whole peppercorns, allowing you to grind them fresh for maximum flavour. It is a versatile spice that can be used in both savoury and sweet recipes, and it adds a pleasant heat and depth of flavour to your culinary creations.

Also available coarsely ground and as a powder. Peppercorns can be green, white or black, depending on when they are harvested.

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