Top-Op Variyali Lucknow (Fennel)

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Variyali Lucknow (Fennel)

Top-Op Variyali Lucknow (Fennel) is a type of spice that is commonly used as a mouth freshener and in Indian cuisine. Fennel seeds are harvested from the fennel plant, which is native to the Mediterranean region and parts of Asia.

Top-Op Variyali Lucknow (Fennel) is made from high-quality fennel seeds that have been carefully selected and processed to ensure maximum flavour and freshness. It has a sweet, liquorice-like flavour and aroma that is commonly used to add flavour and aroma to a variety of dishes, including curries, bread, and desserts. It is a good source of fibre, antioxidants, and other beneficial plant compounds.

Top-Op Variyali Lucknow (Fennel) can be used in a variety of ways, including as a seasoning for meat and vegetables, as a flavouring for teas and beverages, or as a digestive aid after meals.

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